Working with Thorpes of Gosforth Ltd

High Street, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1HB

Tel 0191 2851710

Sharpening of Garden Tools, Knives, Hand Tools and Scissors for Gardeners, Cooks, Tailors, Hairdesssers throughout Newcastle upon Tyne and the North East

Garden Tools

We can sharpen most Garden tools. Such as Shears, Rotary Mower Blades, Secateurs and Loppers

Rotary mower blades are also balanced


Using a wet stone system for sharpening knives. We can bring back to life your knives that have been forgotten about at the back of the drawer

Hand Tools

Wood Chisels, Cold Chisels, Plane Blades etc all sharpened using a wet stone system to ensure no loss of temper


We can sharpen all types of Scissors. Including Hairdressing, Dressmaking and Household Scissors.

We also sharpen Pinking shears

What Our Customers Say...

Hi Colin, thanks for dropping off the scissors and sharpening them for me. I've used them all day Saturday and today and they have been great, totally spot on, so its a thumbs up from me.
If you need any further feed back no problem and if you need me to give you a recommendation or any thing just give me a shout.


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